At the beginning of 1995, the firm of Steuer- und Rechtspraxis Gaby J. Müller, specializing in tax and law, was established – with Iustitia, the Roman goddess of justice, adorning its letterhead. Our 10th anniversary in 2005 was an opportunity for introspective reflection. We had realized that Iustitia – blindfolded, with a sword and scales – no longer adequately reflected the services we provided to our clients. This initiated a nearly two-year thought process (in which we were assisted by the corporate identity specialists of Musqueteers) that culminated in the decision to make the dandelion – taraxacum officinale – our new symbol as of spring 2006. In addition, we gave our company name a visual structure that also symbolizes our services.

Our Coporate Design Poster

Symbol and Self-Perception

The dandelion visually integrates nature in our services. Our scope of work is local, national and international, and our symbol also represents geographical independence: dandelions can be found all over the world, both in urban and rural areas.


Our strength stems from our qualifications, our skills, our core competencies and our families, while dandelions also have strong roots that draw nourishment from the earth. All client relationships had a beginning from which they grew. And just as the dandelion seeds alight on the soil and takes root, personal discussions, expertise, professionalism, cordiality and mutual respect form the fertile ground for customer relationships that prosper throughout the seasons and grow deep roots over the years.


We see ourselves as partners for our clients and as a link with the authorities, drawing from the power of our knowledge, the strength of our experience, and the clarity of our communication. As is often the case, goals cannot be achieved with the sword. We are similar to the dandelion in our perseverance, and cultivate professional relationships based on our straightforward and sincere work ethic, thus ensuring long-term continuity and (tax and legal) security for our clients.


Just as the dandelion adapts to various environments, we count flexibility among our strengths. Every client has a different background, likes and dislikes, and knowing these is key to providing the best consulting services possible. In addition, we face the challenge of adjusting to the constant changes in the (tax and) legal system with great interest. Continuous education is the cornerstone of this endeavor.


Pick a Topic get a Poem

During her holiday in Winterpark, Florida, Gaby J. Müller met a young poet. You find his picture and poem, topic "Löwenzahn", below.

Poet Paul Felta